Consumer Health

Free People from Allergies

We want to help free people from allergies by improving and transforming how they manage them through our products (Claritin? & Nasonex?) which address severe allergic rhinitis and skin allergies.

Claritin? is an antihistamine that provides powerful, 24-hour relief against sneezing, watery eyes, and itching in the nose and throat

Allergies can dull your senses so you can’t fully experience life. Claritin? allows those suffering from symptoms of seasonal and perennial allergies to embrace life.

The active ingredient in Claritin? is Loratadine: a second-generation, non-sedating receptor with proven anti-histamine efficacy. This active ingredient helps combat both nasal and non-nasal symptoms. Beyond seasonal allergies, Claritin? provides relief of itching for people with skin hives. The product range is made for both adults and children and includes tablets, capsules, chewables, and flavored syrup.

Claritin? became part of the Bayer portfolio in 2014 after being acquired from Merck Consumer Care. As the #1 selling allergy brand worldwide, Claritin? products are today available in over 100 markets.